Reasons to do a Machu Picchu Hike

Must love llamas. Forget the views and the feeling of accomplishment you will have when you reach the top, you must take a Machu Picchu Hike if you are obsessed with llamas. They are everywhere and love to ham it up for the camera. Even if you are not a fan of the furry pack animals, you can find an excuse to take the adventure of a lifetime.

Machu Picchu treks not only offer you a chance to be up close and personal with llamas, but they also offer you an opportunity to cross a major achievement off of your bucket list. Many people can only dream of looking down on the world, you will be able to say you took part in this truly unique experience as you breathe in the exuberance that is both Peru and the Incas. Tired legs aside, it is an authentic historical adventure that you will be proud to say you did.

If you still need more than llamas and accomplishment to climb the mountain, then keep in mind that along the journey, you will also encounter climate changes as well as a great variety of flora and fauna. Not only that, but you may encounter the unique creatures that are the spectacled bear, the cock-of-the-rock, and different types of birds and orchids that cannot be found anywhere else. The Inca Trail that takes you to Machu Picchu goes through the Andes and has a diverse array of scenery. Not only will you enjoy the stunning vistas of rugged landscape, but it is followed by tall green peaks that are framed by the clear sky. You will have the opportunity to walk along both ancient stone paths as well as through a rainforest that is full of bamboo and exotic birds.

If you are physically fit or that is a goal that you are looking to accomplish, then there is no better place to do so then the Andes Mountains and Machu Picchu.  Much of the trail is made up of hundreds of stone steps. Stair Master, take that!  The trail also traverses through high mountain landscapes and sections of a jungle. You can also admire ancient ruins, fortifications, valleys, and other Andean landscapes as you make the trek uphill.

Oh, and if you get to the point where you do not think you can make it another step, stop in Aguas Calientes. The name means hot water in Spanish and it is a town built around natural hot springs. The hot tubs they land in stay open late and it is a great pitstop before the long day at the top. If the relaxing hot water does not refresh you, then have an Inca Kola to rev you up. It is a Peruvian staple. They claim it is their version of Pepsi, but it tastes more like cream soda with an extra packet of sugar, or six.

Who knows, after you return you may feel so great that you book a Kilimanjaro hike as your next adventure.