Floor games for kids combine video games with physical exercise.

https://www.fxgamezone.com/When it comes to video games, parents of kids fall into two categories. One group believes that video games are terrible inventions that lead to wasted time and a sedentary life. They don’t think that children should play video games, but instead should spend their time outside socializing with other children. The other group of parents doesn’t believe that video games are harming their children, so long as their kids are playing video games that are age appropriate. The research that’s available has a wide-ranging number of things to say about the issue. Some studies have shown that playing video games for a half an hour a day can help to develop certain parts of the brain in comparison to people who play no video games at all, but other studies have shown that people who spend huge sums of time playing video games do tend to be in worse physical health. It would seem the key is figuring out a way for kids to play a little bit of video games from time to time while also getting plenty of physical exercise.

This is where the invention of floor games has a great deal to offer. You might not have heard of floor games, but they’re video games that can be played on the floor. Here’s how they work. A projector screen will project a game onto the floor, and then the kids or adults can interact with what’s going on within the image that’s being projected. For example, a floor game developed by FX Game Zone is a game of soccer. The projector projects an image of a soccer field with a little ball on it, and then the users can kick the ball around by approaching the ball and kicking at it. The projector uses sensors to sense that the person is trying to kick the ball, and it sends the ball moving in the direction that the person kicked it. It works like a touchscreen on your phone, only the screen is much larger (the entire floor) and instead of using your finger you’re using your entire body.

These systems are really cool because they allow children to play video games, something that most of them love, while also getting copious amounts of physical exercise. Most kids love to hop onto the floor game and kick the ball around, but instead of mashing their fingers into a controller they’re running around and moving. This allows them to play video games while also staying in shape, something that most parents out there can certainly get on board with.

The reality of the modern world is that kids are going to play video games and interact with screens on an almost daily basis. The invention of the floor projector thus allows parents to let their children indulge in such activities while also socializing with other children their age and moving around. They can satisfy their child’s desire to play video games while satisfying their own desire to have their child be active. It’s a win-win for everybody.