Doing Online Yoga with My Dog

My dog does yoga. He does, well he’s a golden retriever mix and they’re not really the most serene creatures. I had to download the yoga video app from so we can do online yoga class together.

Online Yoga Classes

dog yoga

Danny, my doggo likes doing yoga with me. He messes with me and I think he knows that I love his antics. He’s a rescue and is proving that he can outlove me all the time. Hali, my boyfriend loves him, even when he is getting in the way on movie nights. He shamelessly plops in between us on the couch, or if there is no space in between, he would just sprawl over our laps and watch movies that I suspect he understands.

He, Danny, drinks my latte if he can get it to it before I could stop him. He doesn’t like cappuccino or vanilla, and hates peanut butter when dogs are supposed to love them! He must have been Italian in his past life because he just worships spaghetti bolognaise, meatballs, and pizza.

If there’s pizza flavoured dogfood, I’m sure I will have a hard time keeping the stash out of his reach. I just try to get him to eat mostly healthy food. I am just happy that he loves baby carrots. He is a weird dog, and I wonder if he was once owned by a chef or someone who cooks. He has been rehomed thrice before I got him. But the story is that the original owner passed away in an accident and he has since been passed on from one home to another.

He has a happy disposition though, and just a bit of separation anxiety. Big dogs are a lot of responsibility and would need space and time more than a toy dog would. But thanks to Danny, I have started running because the vet said he needs the exercise every day. Goldens have a tendency to gain weight and that could usher in health issues.

Today, we are going to the dog park and our not so secret place, the creek. We take advantage of the sun and would take in summer till the last warm ray warms us on our runs. We may not speak the same language but we have each other’s backs – we know when the other is tired or thirsty or just needs to slow down. He sometimes runs way ahead of me, we always run off leash  when we go run in the trails. And I would like to think that he is checking the area out for danger before he comes back for me and runs with me beside him.

I did not really need a dog but the moment I saw Danny, I just knew that I needed not just any other dog, but him in particular. He may walk on fours and can be naughty at times, but I would not trade him for anything. He’s earned his place in my heart. Maybe he’s earned his yoga mat as well, as we do our online yoga class together.