While most people might think of speech therapy as something that is only used on people with serious speech problems such as stuttering, the truth of the matter is there are massive amounts of people that need speech therapy for many simple reasons. Especially during early education, the increase in speech therapy has been very sharp during the last ten years. Large speech therapy clinics such as, www.thecni.org, reported that almost fifty percent of their patients last year were between the ages of 4 and 9. It seems that speech therapy for the youngest people might be the most effective, but there are many speech therapies out there for people of all ages. In this article we will look at a few of the most common approaches to speck therapy we have today.

Perhaps the most exciting new area of science which is being used for speech can be found in neurological therapy and mapping. Neurological mapping of the brain is so helpful to speech therapy clinics because it allows the doctors and therapists to see exactly what is going on in the brains of their patients. Many speech problems are related to neurological problems in the brain, and without images of the brain it can be very hard to determine what the exact problem is. With neurological therapy doctors are able to determine what condition patients have, and provide them with the exact speech therapy that will help them overcome their speech issues.

Another method of speech therapy that is being used successfully right now is speech therapy done on the computer. Not everyone has the money or time to visit a speech therapy specialist, so the need to develop technologies that can bring speech therapy to people right in their homes is very urgent. New computer applications are making it possible for people to develop skills that help them combat their speech problems right on their computer. The programs were created by a group of the leading speech therapist from all around the world, and the combine traditional and new speck therapy methods which people can practice in their homes. A headset allows users to record their own speech and then listen to it played back to them so they can hear where they are making mistakes, and learn how to avoid making them. Computer speech programs have been especially important to people living in underdeveloped countries in which it is almost impossible to find a speech therapist. The success of the computer speech therapy programs is gaining momentum as well as hundreds of new applications are set to be released this year.

Finally, there is a huge push right now to have a speech therapist working fulltime in every public school in the country. As we mentioned before, speech therapy is most effective when it takes place at a young age. Having speech therapy specialist working in every school would mean that more kids will receive the help they need early on in life. Speech problems which are addressed early can be treated far more quickly than they could later on in life.