Dental Implants and Dental Health

Dental implants are artificial roots that are commonly used to replace missing teeth. Dental implants provide a strong foundation for permanent teeth or removable teeth that have been replaced. The restored teeth usually match a person’s original teeth. Dental implants are manufactured using biocompatible materials which are integrated into the jawbones by a process known as Osseo integration. Osseo integration involves placing the artificial teeth in the jawbone and restoring them using bridge work or sometimes natural and beautiful crown work depending on the procedure used.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants come with several benefits. Apart from giving you back your confident smile, other benefits that you stand to enjoy after getting dental implants include:

1# Improved speech Missing teeth usually leads to poor speech and mumbling of words. Poor fitting dentures can also cause poor speech. But after getting yourself dental implants, you will be able to speak well without worrying of your teeth slipping.

2# Improved teeth appearance Dental implants significantly improve your teeth’s appearance. In most cases, the change is usually permanent since the dental implants usually fuse with the jaw bone. You can flaunt your beautiful new look with dental implants.

3# Improved comfort After some time, dental implants become part of your dental formula, which makes them very comfortable. These implants have eliminated the problems that many people experience after getting removable dentures. Eating your food will also be easier with the implants. This is because loose and shaky teeth make it difficult to chew food. Dental implants will help you to enjoy your favorite foods without experiencing any pain.

4# Boosts your self-esteem Dental implants usually bring back your sexy and attractive smile. This will help you feel more confident when speaking or smiling. You won’t need to hide your dental issues when talking to your friends and relatives

5# Durability These implants are durable and can last for several years. You only need to take good care of the implants, and they will last for your entire lifetime. You will also realize an improvement in your oral health with the implants. These implants don’t need teeth reduction which is common with teeth dental bridging. Most of your original teeth remain intact which promotes good oral health.

Dental implant services Dental implant services are handled differently depending on the type of replacement that’s needed. You can replace a single tooth or the entire row. The implants are usually shaped to match your natural teeth and placed in your jaws if you have enough bone amount. After about four months of healing, a porcelain crown is placed on your teeth.

Multiple teeth replacement also undergoes the same procedure. After healing, the porcelain crowns are also placed to complete the procedure. Dental implants feel and function just like natural teeth. An entire teeth arch can also be attached using the implants. Teeth arches require high bone density and volume which is identified using CT scans. The services you will receive will depend on your dental needs.

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